SafetyTechnology June 4, 2015

Safety in a Glympse

As a female realtor, safety is one of my top concerns – in fact it is my number one priority.  When you think about it at at a very rudimentary level realtors do many things on a weekly basis that our parents told us never to do. Don't let a stranger into your home.  Don't offer rides to people you don't know.  Yet a huge element of real estate is hosting open houses and showing homes to your clients – both of which technically involve letting strangers into your home, or at least the home you're responsible for that 2-3 hour window, and driving relative strangers around from house to house on the days that we're showing properties.

There are many tricks and tools we use to protect ourselves, vet our clients and ensure we're in control of the situation at all times.  And I'm grateful that today technology can play a role in our safety.  I recently discovered two great apps that almost every women should know about – not just realtors.

The first is GLYMPSE.  It's a fast, free and simple way to share your location.  Send a Glympse to your selected contacts to let them know where you are.  Request a Glympse from a friend who's running late. It's easier and faster than a phone call or a text message, works across mobiles, tablets or a desktop. Once you've downloaded the app, you can send a Glympse to anyone in your contacts – no software is required at their end to receive.  When I host open houses, I always ensure my husband knows where I am, and what time to expect me home.  Sending him a Glympse is a lot more convenient than remembering to write it on a Post-It and stick it to the fridge.  Download it at

React Mobile is a safety app that turns your smartphone into a lifeline.  With GPS and tracking capabilities you can alert your selected contacts to your whereabouts with just one click.  It features three different alert capabilities – 'I'm Fine' giving everyone piece of mind, 'Follow Me' allowing your network to literally track your whereabouts, or 'Help Me' which will trigger a call to 911.  You can use the app via your smartphone, or buy the Sidekick device for those times that taking a phone is not practical. Learn more at

Be safe my friends!