SafetyTechnologyUncategorized December 17, 2015

Smart Jewelry to Keep You Safe

As a woman in real estate safety is always my top priority.  And with a passion for fashion, accessories are a big part of my wardrobe.  Finally, I can combine the two with CUFF – a good looking line of smart jewelry that notifies your contacts when danger arises.

Here's how it works:

Set up a network of people who you'd like to be notified when you need help.

In an emergency, simply press and hold your piece of jewelry for 2-3 seconds.  Your network will receive a text message indicating you need help.  All they need to do is access the Cuff app to see your location on a map, and, if needed, they can simply tap to call 911.  Finally, if the piece of jewelry is open at the time the alert is triggered, your emergency contacts will be able to hear live audio streaming from your phone.  The Cuff will work as long as the Cuff and your phone are within 20-30 ft of each other – all through the magic of Bluetooth.  

I think my favorite is the Lucky Bracelet.

To see the full collection visit

Cuff is currently compatible with iOS and Android phones only.