Uncategorized The Local Real Estate Market is Slowly Warming Despite moments of snow in Western Washington, the local real estate market is slowly warming, as new opportunities arise for both home buyers and sellers. Lower mortgage rates are welcome news for buyers, and low inventory means sellers are starting the year with minimal competition. King County continues to see residential price gains, with last […]
Uncategorized Eastside Real Estate Offers Growth and Challenges The Eastside is a hotspot for tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. With these companies’ expanding presence across Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond come new opportunities for growth and development, but also new challenges. At a recent Eastside Real Estate Symposium hosted by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, local developers and major employers met […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – July 2020 While our lives are very different than they were a year ago, the local real estate market has recovered to 2019 levels. Record low interest rates are helping spur demand. Sales were up, home prices increased and multiple offers were common. The number of pending sales, a measure of current demand, was higher in June […]
Uncategorized EMBRACE THE CHANGE Can you believe it’s October already and Halloween is just around the corner?  I love Fall (or Autumn as we call it in England!) for many reasons. October is my birthday month so what’s not to love about that.  Then there’s the weather – I always have romantic hopes that there will be more crisp, […]
Uncategorized THE RISKS AND PITFALLS OF USING STOCKS & SHARES TO FUND A REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION Yesterday the stock market took a nose dive, dropping nearly 5% – one of the worst single day losses in history. With no particular underlying reason for this volatile activity, for most of us it will have little impact, even if we have a stash of investments.  The likelihood is we can ride out the […]
Uncategorized Don’t let the myths fool you into thinking you can’t buy Buying a house can be scary – especially when you don’t know the facts. If owning a home is one of your dreams, but you’ve convinced yourself you wouldn’t quality for financing, it could be time to think again. Here are the most common myths that prevent buyer’s from pursuing their home owning dreams. Key […]
Market conditions Be thankful you don’t have your parents interest rates I don’t know about anyone else, but following last night’s Halloween festivities, it feels like there’s not enough coffee in the world to get me going this morning.  Being British, Halloween has never been a big deal for me, but as they say ‘When in Rome’.  After 10 years living stateside I have to confess […]
Uncategorized Monthly Market Update The perception is that the Eastside real estate market is slowing down.  Having taken a look at data from the month of August, the data does support that – to a degree.  Take a look at the video below for key stats and data. I’m still pretty new to this video game, so be patient […]
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Listing preparation The Power of Video In today’s real estate world there are many ways to market a property. Some people, particularly when faced with such a strong seller’s market, will argue that online is really all that counts.  Put it on Zillow and Redfin, and surely the buyers will find your home? While there is a small degree of truth […]
Uncategorized Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy – Reason #1 So I’ve discovered video! And I love it so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future as I move my blog to a video format. For my debut blog series, I want to focus on why it’s now a good time to buy a home. Despite the market currently being in […]
Uncategorized There’s More To A School Than A Score Out of 10 For families with children, a good school is often the most important criteria in a home search. Last week, at Issaquah School District's Monthly PTSA Council Meeting, the super intendent shared some information about www.greatschools.org – a website that many realtors (myself included) recommend to those looking for more information about schools in the area.  It gives each school a score […]
Safety Smart Jewelry to Keep You Safe As a woman in real estate safety is always my top priority.  And with a passion for fashion, accessories are a big part of my wardrobe.  Finally, I can combine the two with CUFF – a good looking line of smart jewelry that notifies your contacts when danger arises. Here's how it works: Set up […]
Uncategorized Refinance today. 10 minutes on the phone just saved me $766 per month. Every once in a while I'm reminded that Corporate America rocks!  And what I've written below is 100% truthful. No exaggerations. In recent months we've received endless letters from our mortgage lender about refinancing and promising a better mortgage rate.  Yeah, right – what corporate bank (and I am talking one of the big 5) actively encourages […]
Uncategorized FALL HOME MAINTENANCE GUIDE I love Fall.  Particularly in this part of the world.  It's the contrast of the bright blue skies with the vibrant oranges that just make me smile. Also, knowing that in just a few short weeks the grey skies will come and the rain will fall makes me love it even more. While enjoying these […]
Uncategorized Good news for buyers and sellers should make for a strong, balanced housing market The housing market continues to be buoyant, and it remains a seller's market with record low inventory on the Eastside.  But there's good news for buyers too – which hopefully will encourage on-the-fence sellers to go live with listing. Last week's news from the Fed that they wouldn't raise interest rates immediately led to a drop […]
Uncategorized Money isn’t everything! Even before I entered real estate I've often said there are few things more depressing than house hunting.  Oftentimes it's so hard to find the one that's right for you and there are many times when you honestly believe you're never going to find the right house.  But all it takes is one house – the […]
Uncategorized And the [credit] scores on the doors are… Chances are if you own a house, or are buying a house, you have or need a mortgage.  And kudos to you if you don't!  If you're seeking a mortgage, the first thing a lender will do is pull your credit score.  And the higher your score, the more investors and lower interest rates you'll have […]
Uncategorized Top 5 tips to boosting your curb appeal Whether you're looking to list your property, or are just demonstrating pride in your home, here are a few quick and affordable ways to immediately boost your curb appeal.  Yes, appearances can be deceptive and I'd be the first to say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but sadly appearances do matter and […]
Uncategorized Flip or Flop: A glimpse into the not so secret lives of Tarek and Christina One of the many reasons I went into real estate is because one day I dream of flipping a couple of houses. So it's hardly suprising that I'm a sucker for any home renovation/house hunter type shows and Flip or Flop, staring real estate agent duo Tarek or Christina is one of my favorites.  I normally get my HGTV fix […]