Listing preparationSeller's adviceUncategorized March 6, 2017

The Power of Video

In today’s real estate world there are many ways to market a property. Some people, particularly when faced with such a strong seller’s market, will argue that online is really all that counts.  Put it on Zillow and Redfin, and surely the buyers will find your home? While there is a small degree of truth in that, there’s a difference between finding a buyer will ‘like’ your home, and finding buyers that will love your home, and do almost anything to make it theirs.

Here’s where video, as well as staging, come into to play.  Add the two together and you’ve got a very special combination.  As I tell all my sellers, you’re not just selling your home, your selling your lifestyle.  You want buyers to be captivated by your home, to immediately enter it and  get a taste of your life (no matter how far removed from your reality that may be!). Better yet, you want them to believe that in buying your house, their life will be infinitely better – because it will be more like yours. And you want to leave them with a sense that you could actually be good friends.

Admittedly a friendship rarely blossoms out of a sale of a home, or at least not in my experience.  But my point is that if a potential buyer has an immediate love and respect for you and your home, you have a far greater chance of receiving stronger offers, from more qualified buyers.

It was because of all of these reasons that I opted to make a video of my most recent listing in Ballard.  Just steps away from Market Street and the weekly Farmers market, I wanted to show off the home, and the lifestyle it provided.  I hope you agree, this video captures that pretty well.  We received multiple offers on the home in a matter of days, and went straight to pending.  I’m not naive enough to believe that was solely because of the video, but I do strongly believe it helped.